DaInty B2B is an on-line business-to-business ordering system focused on music products. It is meant as an Internet interface to extend existing back-end systems.

DaInty B2B is designed from scratch to serve music titles and to meet market-specific requirements.

DaInty B2B is a proprietary commercial software being marketed by zakop.com

zakop.com is a brand of Zaklad Oprogramowania - a software company founded in 1999 by an IT-professional Adam Imiela. Between 1999 and 2001 zakop.com was providing Global New Media Corp. and its European successor NDorado GmbH with a database technology, data processing services and purpose-built software to drive their global entertainment catalogs serving dozens of on-line stores worldwide, including Grolier Interactive and Tower Records UK.

Since 2002 zakop.com operates on the entertainment market independently providing software solutions and data processing services to etailers and distributors. Currently zakop.com deals with over 2,000,000 entertainment items and supports them with about 10,000,000 rich content entries. The information on about 600,000 offers from all key territories (yielding 450,000 unique releases) are being processed on daily basis.

Thanks to the data center located in Bavaria/Germany zakop.com provides reliable on-line services. A branch in Silesia/Poland allows to carry out cost-effective development projects by hiring skilled programmers from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

In order to obtain DaInty B2B licensing conditions contact zakop.com using the details shown on the homepage: http://www.zakop.com

Truly B2B

  • Light, productive and intuitive interface
  • Long lasting sessions
  • Unlimited number of buyer accounts per client
Search options
Result rows


  • Sophisticated search options
  • Adjustable, easy to work with result tables
  • Support for recurring transactions
  • Optimized JavaScript code to output and manage hundreds of items in the twinkling of an eye


  • Look and feel of a state-of-the-art Web 2.0 application
  • Smart navigation
  • Comprehensive feedback and context-sensitive help
  • Self-monitoring with automatic e-mail alerts and verbose log files
Administrative task


  • Fully adaptable proprietary software with customizable back-end interface
  • Proven to handle over 3,500,000 SKUs*
  • Comply with industry standards


  • Based on popular open-source and free software components
  • Compatible with most commercially available web accounts
Tux, the Linux penguin**
DaInty System

Add-on Value

  • SEO: out-of-the-box Internet marketing
  • Access to zakop.com data processing technology and experience to maintain global catalogs
* Using a commercial database engine
** Tux, the Linux penguin - copyright by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski
Copyright © 2008-2010 by Adam Imiela. All Rights Reserved.